Spiritual Pathways

Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes, D.Min. CCC

Peter Barnes is a spiritual psychotherapist specializing in complicated grief, trauma sensitivity, listening, reframing story, and encouraging creative expression. Peter has over 40 years of experience in rural and urban settings, health and institutions care, with a focus on mental health, pastoral, palliative, and bereavement care. He has certifications with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care, and is a member of Spiritual Directors International and the Somatic Experiencing Institute.

Have you ever felt like you're wandering in the wilderness, experiencing despair, hopelessness, regret and you don't know where to turn? You may need to consider asking for a guide through your life's dark times. Some call this person a coach or a guide, others may use the terms counsellor or therapist. Either way you likely need someone to support and encourage you.

Peter Barnes, in association with others, provides grief therapy, spiritual care and guidance, person-centred support, and narrative therapy.

Pathway in Forest
2 People Walking on Pathway in Forest

Clients seeking help are often those who need to chart a course to recovery or healing requiring heartfelt discernment and a safe environment, beginning with developing a relationship in which trust and life experience are essential. Spiritual Pathways are the ways people have of growing and reflecting on the challenges of life so that through sharing with a guide or coach they are helped to see their lives from a different perspective and are helped to chart a new course that transforms struggles into informed awareness of change, and new ways of approaching the past difficulties.

Whether its loss related, uncertainties, loneliness, or new opportunities to be explored, you may need help to chart a spiritual pathway in order to grow into a new life experience of enhanced meaning and purpose.